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This article originally appeared in The Woburn Daily Times Chronicle.


WINCHESTER - There really is something special about the Class of 1960. At their recent 50th reunion, Class President Paul De Rossi threw out a challenge to his fellow classmates. He asked that they double the $5,000 that was raised during their 45th reunion. His classmates enthusiastically responded by contributing over $10K to the Class of 1960 Fund. 


Many of the class members had received scholarships from the WSF upon graduation in 1960. These scholarships helped their families meet the high cost of a college education at that time. 

Nancy Kinton, WSF President, said, “This is a great way for a class to honor their teachers and give back to their community. In the past 10 years, the Class of 1960 has raised $25,240 and helped 10 students pursue a higher education. As college expenses continue to spiral upward, we have a greater demand for funds. This year alone we provided $300,495 in scholarships to 102 deserving WHS students."

The Class of 1960 Fund is one of 40 endowed scholarship funds established since the WSF was founded in 1945. The Class of 1960 Fund supports WHS students who are pursuing a career in education. For more information about establishing a scholarship fund for your class, please contact the WSF at

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