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About Us

We are proof that the collective support of a community has enormous power to help its young people achieve their potential and affect change in their world.

The Foundation

The Winchester Scholarship Foundation

The Winchester Scholarship Foundation is a voluntary non-profit organization dedicated to providing need-based financial aid to graduates of Winchester High School. The Scholarship Committee, composed of five Winchester residents, awards scholarships based upon unmet family financial need. Since its establishment in 1945, the WSF has been supporting students during their four college years as well as students pursuing graduate degrees. Income from endowed gifts from organizations and individuals as well as annual contributions are the principal source of funding.

Our Funding

Since its inception in 1945, the Winchester Scholarship Foundation has received 55 gifts establishing 55 endowed funds. These named funds have been established in honor or in memory of an individual, or in the name of a group or organization. A gift of $10,000 is required to create an endowed fund. Each fund supports a minimum of one scholarship annually in perpetuity. The WSF targets a 4.5% payout of its endowed funds each year. Historically, this approach has allowed the funds to grow in value while supporting an increasing number of students.


Along with income from our endowed funds, the WSF receives income from three trust funds: Harold F. Meyer Trust, Robert and Elizabeth Gardner Trust, and Jere Downs Trust. These are managed independently by local institutions and established to support the education of Winchester High School graduates. Additionally, three Town of Winchester Funds support one scholarship annually. The John and Mary Murphy Educational Foundation has been an important supporter since 2002.


Income from our permanently endowed funds and annual donations allowed the WSF to support 118 graduates from Winchester High School during the past academic year. Donations to honor a Winchester citizen or educator are an impactful method to recognize greatness.

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Our Members


Gerald B. O’Grady III


Vice President

Bradford M. Otis


Second Vice President

Lesley Santini Ryan



Edward F. Lamson​


Assistant Treasurer

Timothy Nolan



Andrew Clavette


David Donahue

Alan MacDonald

James R. Willing

Scholarship Committee

Stephanie Altavilla

Karen Garrett

Michael Houllahan

Bernadette Kearney
Heidi Rosenfeld

Mary Werlin

Publicity Committee

Carol Butt

Janet Damaske

Pat Mahon

Nominating Committee

Cindy DeRosa

Bob Trakimas

Fundraising Committee

Julie Condron

Frank Fantasia

John Mariani

Juliane Pandolfo

Nicky Shargel

"Thank you for the grant! Cornell is a very expensive school, yet I wanted to take the opportunity to study there. I want to thank the foundation for helping me go for that opportunity and represent Winchester in the best way I can."


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