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  • What is the Winchester Scholarship Foundation?
    The Winchester Scholarship Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1945. The WSF is directed by an elected board of community volunteers who donate their time and effort. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to deserving Winchester public school graduates who otherwise might not be able to afford college or post-graduate studies. Since our founding, we have awarded over $10,542,527. And in 2023-24 alone, we were able to award $551,300 to 118 students.
  • How is WSF funded?
    The Foundation is funded primarily by Winchester residents, organizations and businesses. Many have expressed their generosity by donating property or other assets in their wills, or by endowing a memorial or honorary scholarship in someone’s name.
  • Who is eligible for a scholarship?
    Applicants for scholarships need to meet the following criteria: Graduation from Winchester Public Schools (or alternatives as noted on the application form). Acceptance for further education at an accredited school or college Demonstrated financial need Characteristics including ambition, extracurricular activities, service to others, and good citizenship
  • Who chooses recipients?
    Scholarship applications are reviewed in complete confidence by a Scholarship Committee composed of members of our Board of Directors. The Committee works closely with the Guidance Office of the Winchester High School. The amount of a recipient’s scholarship is determined first by the amount of unmet need and loan burden, and second by non-economic criteria such as academic performance, extracurricular activities, and community service.
  • Who are the current WSF members?
    Officers President – Gerald B. O’Grady III Vice President – Bradford M. Otis Second Vice President – Lesley Santini Ryan Treasurer – Edward F. Lamson Assistant Treasurer – Timothy Nolan Secretary – Andrew Clavette Trustees James R. Willing Alan MacDonald David Donahue Scholarship Committee Laura Fitzgerald Tom Howley Stephanie Altavilla Michael Houllahan Publicity Committee Janet Damaske Pat Mahon Nominating Committee Bob Trakimas Cindy DeRosa Fundraising Committee Frank Fantasia Juliane Pandolfo Nicky Shargel John Mariani Julie Condron
  • Can I establish a permanently endowed, named scholarship in honor of or in memory of an individual?"
    Yes! We currently have more than 35 such funds in honor or in memory of an individual, or in the name of a group or organization. Review the complete list, here (linked). Records are kept of all donations made to each named scholarship, and the individual or family is notified of each gift. A family or individual also has the alternative of establishing a named scholarship for a finite period of time, rather than being permanently endowed.
  • How can I get involved?
    Since 1945, the WSF has depended on the continuing personal and financial commitment of Winchester citizens like you. We invite you to contact any current board member (linked) for more information. Alternatively, please explore our website or contact the Winchester High School Guidance Office (linked) for more information. Contributions can be made to: The Winchester Scholarship Foundation Post Office Box 174 Winchester, MA 01890
Our Impact

Our Impact

We believe firmly that access to education ignites potential and prepares WHS graduates to affect positive change in their community and around the world. Because an investment in even one student can make a difference for generations to come, we are able — through the extraordinary generosity of Winchester individuals and organizations — to make far-reaching impact.

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20-Year Review

The growth of our scholarship awards is closely correlated with the growth of our endowed funds and the support of the John and Mary Murphy Educational Foundation.


"I was so excited and grateful to receive such a generous contribution…Thank you again for all of your support. I am working hard to earn it, and can't wait to give back to Winchester down the road!"


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