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Posted on January 18, 2017


The Winchester Scholarship Committee (WSC) is pleased to announce they have awarded a record high amount of $434,684 in financial support to graduates of Winchester High School (WHS) for the 2016-17 academic year. All scholarships, ranging from $500 to $7000 based on need, provide assistance to students who graduated from WHS and are currently in college or graduate school.

A record total of 127 students were awarded scholarships by the WSF this past year, with a substantially higher total than has ever been awarded. Previously, the largest contribution stood at $384,000 given to 120 students for the 2014-15 academic year.

Of the WHS graduates who received scholarships for this year, $93,500 was distributed among 31 students expected to graduate in 2017;  $72,000 was granted to a total of 19 students in the class of 2018; $100,000 was given to 30 award recipients from the class of 2019; and $165,183 was distributed among 44 students to the class of 2020. One graduate student attending medical school received a scholarship in the amount of $4000.

The WSF would like to inform all graduating WHS seniors and current college students who graduated from WHS that WSF application forms are now available in the Winchester High School Guidance Office or online at


Applications are due on May 15th for graduating seniors and June 15th for students already in college.

The Foundation acknowledges the surging costs of higher education and strives to close the financial gap that may otherwise prevent Winchester High School graduates from attending the schools of their choice.

Eligible candidates must have:

  • Graduated from Winchester Public Schools (or alternatives as noted on the application form). Graduating seniors and former graduates who are in college or graduate school may apply.

  • Received an acceptance for further education at a school or college

  • Demonstrated financial need

  • Displayed characteristics including ambition, service, good citizenship and extracurricular activities.

WSF is a voluntary, non-profit, tax-exempt organization funded primarily by Winchester residents and businesses. This past year, two significant donations were received, which contributed to the record high gift.  A WHS graduate and former scholarship recipient donated $25,000, stating that he wanted to reinvest his awards from fifteen years ago. In addition, a significant gift was given to the Mary Jean Welyman’s fund, established several years ago in honor of Jeannie.

The foundation is supported in large part by endowed scholarships in honor of Winchester residents. Each of our 48 endowed scholarship funds is instrumental in sustaining and growing our support for Winchester High School graduates.

Over the past five years, community contributions have allowed our Scholarship Committee to award scholarships totaling $1,881,133.

Anybody who wishes to start a scholarship is encouraged to contact the Winchester Scholarship Foundation. Individual donations, which are not part of previously established funds, are also accepted.

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